Antoine Davis


Morning Dream Team: Monday – Friday (5am – 10am)

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Antoine has always had an interest in the performing arts. After taking a brief acting course & working various jobs he decided to go in a different direction. Antoine has always been  told that he had the talent to be in the performing arts and was often asked to pursue radio by other personalities. Taking their advice Antoine started he’s radio career nearly 25yrs ago and never looked back, and  has had the pleasure of being a heritage personality & being dubbed “AD” part of The Morning Dream Team on 102.9 KBLX The Soul Of The Bay. For nearly 17yrs Antoine Davis has been heard in the San Francisco market. Antoine has also had the pleasure of being on the board of trustees for the non-profit “Keep Music Rockin’ Foundation” alongside R&B/Soul legend, Lenny Williams. Antoine has a passion for giving back to our youth  & you may find him at a Boys & Girls Club volunteering his services.  Recently the acting bug has struck again and Antoine has been in several theatre productions (Mrs. Streeter, Single Husbands, Taking care Of Home) & small film projects (Caos & Consequences, The American Dream now on Amazon Prime) He lives by his favorite quote “If you take too long on deciding what to do with your life, eventually you’ll  find that you’ve done it.”

Antoine Davis, National Taco Day!

Being that it was National Taco Day yesterday, I decided to make tacos! LOL. So because I don’t eat red meat or, Pork I decided to make turkey tacos & honestly they turned out pretty good. I know they may look a little plain but, that’s how I like them. …

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Antoine Davis & Toys-R-Us

Certain things you just can’t get enough of….When Toys R Us closed their doors a lot of people were highly upset, including me. However there could be some good news….I hear they’re working on bringing the toy store back. I can remember growing up as a kid & losing my …

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Antoine Davis An Oakland A’S Fan

Growing up in the South Bay & Traveling to the East Bay to see family as kid I always had a connection to the Oakland A’s. Maybe it’s because we would pass by the Coliseum all the time & I would see the Oakland Athletics sign. Well, one my my …

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Antoine Davis Back On The Ranch

As a kid I spent some of my earlier years on a farm in a small town call, Ravenna Texas. At the time I didn’t know what was really going on, I just knew the family was together. Horses, Cows, Chickens, Pigs were all part of my life. Going to …

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AD, Pondering The Weekend.

Living in the Bay Area you know you could always find something to do from, festivals, hiking, Theater, sporting events but, with so many options how do you choose. How do you plan your weekends & where do you go to enjoy the Bay Area?

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AD’s Favorite High School Memory

Do you ever look back on your High School years & say to yourself, if I could only go back , I would change some things. We were talking about our favorite high school dance & it got me thinking about some of my favorite memories back then. I remember …

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