Antoine Davis


Morning Dream Team: Monday – Friday (5am – 10am)

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Antoine has always had an interest in the performing arts. After taking a brief acting course & working various jobs he decided to go in a different direction. Antoine has always been  told that he had the talent to be in the performing arts and was often asked to pursue radio by other personalities. Taking their advice Antoine started he’s radio career nearly 25yrs ago and never looked back, and  has had the pleasure of being a heritage personality & being dubbed “AD” part of The Morning Dream Team on 102.9 KBLX The Soul Of The Bay. For nearly 17yrs Antoine Davis has been heard in the San Francisco market. Antoine has also had the pleasure of being on the board of trustees for the non-profit “Keep Music Rockin’ Foundation” alongside R&B/Soul legend, Lenny Williams. Antoine has a passion for giving back to our youth  & you may find him at a Boys & Girls Club volunteering his services.  Recently the acting bug has struck again and Antoine has been in several theatre productions (Mrs. Streeter, Single Husbands, Taking care Of Home) & small film projects (Caos & Consequences, The American Dream now on Amazon Prime) He lives by his favorite quote “If you take too long on deciding what to do with your life, eventually you’ll  find that you’ve done it.”

AD’s Throwback Thursday Album

When you think about some of your favorite memories certain songs seem to identify those goodtimes. I was thinking about when my high school friends & I did a lip sync battle to, New Edition’s “The Kind Of  Girls We Like”  during lunch time & every time we get together …

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Find Out “AD’s” Favorite Dessert

Every holiday I can’t wait to visit my parents home because my mother always has so many desserts on display. She’ll have, tea cakes, cookies, pies, cobblers and more. However I have to admit that my favorite dessert of ALL time is “German Chocalate Cake”. The chocalte cate with the …

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I Remember That Song!

Be sure to catch me, Antoine Davis on the new KOFY TV 20 show “I Remember That Song!” Where we talk about music you grew up on. We’ll discuss where you were when that that song came out & what you were doing. Also, will this song be around 20 …

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Antoine Davis wants to know, What’s Good?

As you know I try to find positivity in all things. I believe if we focus on the GOOD things in our lives instead of the negativity or, the things that we dion’t have currently. You know there are things that have happened in your life that has brought pain …

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Madonna at the MTV VMA’s

Did you see the MTV VMA”s? Madonna did a tribute to The Queen Of Soul “Aretha Franklin” However if you’re going to do a tribute, you might want to make the tribute about the person you’re paying homage to. Madonna received a lot of criticism for the way she handled …

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Do you still wear a watch?

I was asked the other day why I don’t wear jewelry & honestly, I’m not that flashy. I’ve never worn anything other than a watch because it was told to me that it represent a certain level of class & sophistication when I was  kid & I’ve been wearing one …

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Who is Antoine Davis?

People ask me all the time, what do you like to do when you’re not on air. Well, I’m somewhat of a laid back guy who loves movies & hanging with friends.  If you don’t know I have a cereal addiction & can kill a box in one day, don’t …

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The Queen Of Soul

Aretha Franklin “The Queen Of Soul “  we always tend to say there will be no wind like this again but in, read this case it is undeniably true. I remember as a kid my parents playing her music as they prepared for the family get together  & Once everyone …

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Best Concert of All Time

When you think about some of the incredible musical talent that we have or have had the pleasure to see, like Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Luther Vandross. We make a connection and created wonderful memories. However, there is that one show or concert that you attended that you …

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