Four Corners Live: Somersville & Delta Fair in Antioch

Hey there, Alex Streetz here! When you listen to The Morning Dream Team on KBLX, we play a game called “Four Corners” where we describe an intersection in the Bay Area and the listener who calls in with the correct answer wins a prize. On Tuesdays, we take it to the streets and I physically go to the intersection. The first listener to find and approaches me wins the prize!

This week’s Four Corners Live brought me to the 925. I was in the city of Antioch, where there’s a Chevron gas station, Chase Bank, AutoZone and a Valero gas station. It was right off busy Highway 4. After the call aired, Rhonda was at the intersection waiting for the light. She was so excited to win a pair of tickets to the R&B Super Jam and a Dream Team t-shirt! We also had Diana, who came by and got a t-shirt! Their passion as part of the KBLX Nation was amazing!

Thank you all for listening and playing along!

Where should we go next for Four Corners Live? We are always open to suggestions and feel free to let us know. We want to be in your hood!

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