Four Corners Live: Winton & Hesperian in Hayward

Hey there, Alex Streetz here! When you listen to The Morning Dream Team on KBLX, we play a game called “Four Corners” where we describe an intersection in the Bay Area and the listener who calls in with the correct answer wins a prize. On Tuesdays, we take it to the streets and I physically go to the intersection. The first listener to find and approaches me wins the prize!


Today’s Four Corners Live took us to my hometown of Hayward, where there was a gas station, Oil Changer, a former Toys “R” Us and the airport. A few minutes after the call aired with the description. We had Lakeisha, who was on her way to work be the first one to approach me at Winton & Hesperian Blvd. She drove off with a pair of tickets to see Lauryn Hill at the Shoreline and a Dream Team t-shirt!


Much love to the KBLX Nation who showed up along with the support honks from the local cars, bus and truck drivers!


Where should we go next for Four Corners Live? We are always open to suggestions and feel free to let us know. We want to be in your hood!


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