These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls

It’s funny how there’s nothing new under the sun, on December 23, 1776 Thomas Paine in an effort to stir up the spirits of fighting soldiers coined the phrase “These Are The Times That Try Men’s Soul.” And although the situation in which he coined the phrase used for an army to fight a in the revelation, I too am now using the phrase to help encourage those who are ready to join the army of the “Human Rights” movement, “The Children Rights” movement,”Me Too” moment, “The Black Lives” Matter movement, “The Social Equality” movement, “The Economic Equality” movement, “The Civil Right” movement, “The Right to Chose” movement, “The Environmental Rights” movement, I could go on and on my point is this with so many rights being challenged, or about to be challenged we have got to stand, and not be weary, stand and not give up the fight, stand and walk in the faith of knowing that righteousness will prevail, right is right and woe to him who call right wrong and whats wrong right and good will win over evil. We must continue the good fight and know that this is only a test, and if you stand for whats right in this test you will be strengthen in your inner spirit man, walk in integrity, say what you mean and mean what you say, do good in all things, feed your mind with positive thoughts, uplift and encourage your fellow man all is not lost,  “These are the Times That Try Men’s Souls.”

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