Everyday Inspiration: From Bruce Lee (Yay!)

Okay, between you and I, I’ve always been a fan of Bruce Lee!  For me, the movies, “Fists of Fire” and “Enter the Dragon” pure mindless fun to watch!! From the first time I saw him in the role of Kato, on the TV show “The Green Hornet,” I learned that Superheroes came in all colors. Nope, Kato didn’t have x-ray vision like Superman, he didn’t swing from building to building via spider webs like Spiderman or fly in an invisible plane like Superwoman.  No, this mild mannered chauffeur and side kick to the Green Hornet, underneath it all was a Martial Arts master, who knocked out the bad guys with his “Fists of Fire!”  So, I  begged my Mother to let me take Judo– which was a lot harder to do than Bruce made it look in the movies. What I did learn at an early age, that Martial Arts and anything you want to master takes practice, discipline, patience and a whole lot of strength–Not just on the outside but on the inside where it counts!

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