Tony Sco

KBLX Morning Dream Team Monday-Friday 5am –10am

With over 25 years of experience in comedy and 15 years in broadcasting, Tony Sculfield is one of the most respected talents in both fields.  With a rich blend of experience in television and radio, his professionalism and unique talent has made him a favorite on comedy stages, radio airwaves and television screens for years.  He has toured for over two decades and worked with the likes of Steve Harvey, Mike Epps, Jamie Foxx, D.L. Hughley, Deon Cole, Dave Chappele, Sommore and many others. He has earned a reputation among management, peers, viewers and listeners as someone who brings new dynamics into broadcasts, and is always in tune with public needs and wants.


Antoine Davis Scariest Movie

Halloween is next week & as you know they are bringing back The Movie “Halloween” again. Honestly I wish they would stop making this film because it takes away from the original thrill factor to the movie. At this point your asking yourself, why wont, Michael Myers die! There are …

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Now THIS is a Throwback!

Yo! It’s Throwback Thursday!! I went through the archives and found this gem from high school. This is from my days at Hillcrest High School in the suburbs of Chicago. I played football, basketball and some track and field. This is back when I had good knees!! Lol. A brother …

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Antoine Davis’ Watch Of The Day

I’m really not a jewelry person but, I was told as a kid that a man should always have a niece time piece on his wrist. Since I was 12yrs  old I’ve always kept a watch & now I have at least 15 that I wear. Today I decided to …

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Scary Movie List

This is the time of year when people bravely get into the ‘let’s-watch-a-scary-movie’ spirit. Are you a fan of scary movies? What are some of your favorites? The original Halloween movie (1978) starring Jamie Lee Curtis is a popular one of course. The name ‘Michael Myers’ will forever be eerily …

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