Being Friends With An Ex

By Antoine Davis on June 25, 2020

So I received another message from a young lady by the name of Janette. She tells me that she’s in a new relationship and things are pretty good for the most part but her new man is having issues with her ex. It seems Janette is still friends with her ex and her new man is not liking that and it seems to be compromising the relationship a tad bit and she’s asking for my advice. Personally I’m not friends with my ex to the point to where We still hang out or speak on the phone because simply I want a clean path when it’s time for me to meet the new person in my life. Don’t get this confused with being cordial, it’s always good to be cordial with people, if you happen to see them say hello or maybe you have a child with your ex and you may go to a school event or to a birthday party and you can be cordial but friends I think is not the best option. For me when it’s time for a new relationship, that path should be clear. Does being friends with an ex compromised or, would compromise your relationship?