Do Your Friends Opinion Matter?

By Antoine Davis on June 3, 2020

Somethings I just don’t understand but, you know me I’m always getting into a debate with friends. Since the pandemic happened all I have is time on my hands LOL. I was speaking to a friend yesterday and she was telling me about a relationship that didn’t work out but at the end of the conversation she mentioned that her friends didn’t like him for her anyway. That made me think, why does their opinion matter? She tells me, because they’re my friends and they know what I like and dislike and they weren’t happy with him. I understand friends and them wanting the best for you but honestly, your friends should not have an opinion or say so with who you date. Know who you are and understand what you want from your partner and that should be enough to determine if the person you choose to put in your life is right for you. Shouldn’t matter if your friends or family disapproves as long as he is kind nice and loves you the way you choose to be loved. Maybe you do and maybe you don’t agree with me but, that’s how I feel.