The New Normal

By Antoine Davis on June 11, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on many businesses have taken a different approach to the way they do business. I know I am eager to get back to normal life, going to restaurants, to the movies, beaches & most of all vacations! However, there will be different rules once we get back to doing all of those things and as anxious as I am to get out and explore the world I said to myself do I want to take that risk. It’s a new normal and a new approach to the way we see/look at things. I know we can’t be cooped up in the house forever but, it’s a little weird looking at the new normal. Not sure if you have plans this summer or not but, Disneyland  is re-opening along with Disney world but are you ready for that new normal. Whether you are or not lots of things have changed and we must prepare ourselves for the new normal