Fonseca – TRENDING NEWS -06/24/20

By Fonseca on June 24, 2020


– NBC says Major League Baseball is returning in late July with a 60-game season. Teams will hold Spring training in their home ballparks. Players will receive 37% of their full season salary.

– Chew Boom says Starbucks has debuted a new Impossible Breakfast Sandwich. It features a plant-based sausage patty, cage free eggs, cheddar cheese and ciabatta bread. The sandwich has 23 fat grams, 430 calories and 830 mg of sodium.

– Catering Insight says a Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee in Mobile, Alabama is going to test drone delivery. The restaurant chain hopes the delivery is successful so they can reduce costs, reduce delivery time and offer contactless delivery

– Adweek says Kellogg’s is releasing a new cereal line called Mashups. They are mixing some of their most famous brands including Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops