‘MORE DAD NEWS ” Fathers Day is this Sunday!

By Fonseca on June 19, 2020

Father’s Day Trending …

– 15% of dads have told a white lie to their children ( Four Star Pizza)

– 15% of dads work late to avoid their children’s bedtime routine. (Better Bathrooms)

– 66% of dads want their partner to tell them they do a good job every now and then (The Today Show)

– 7% of dads say their partner never gets out of bed at night to check on their baby. (Owlett Baby Care)

– A survey by the TV show Good Food reveals that 33% of dads take on the sole responsibility of cooking for the family.

– 84% of people believe that dads should walk their daughters down the aisle (Harris)

– 20% of sons call their dads for advice on home maintenance jobs. (GEM Motoring Assist)

– 50% of dads regularly shout at other drivers (GEM Motoring Assist)

– Dads perform 10 jobs on a daily basis including: Day Care Center Teacher, CEO, Psychologist, Cook, Housekeeper, Laundry Machine Operator, Computer Operator, Facilities Manager, Janitor and Van Driver. (Salary.com)


Daddy’s Little Girl: A study by Poland’s University of Durham reveals that women are attracted to men, who look like their fathers. Dr. Lynda Boothroyd studied 49 women and found that those, who had good relationships with their father as youngsters sought out mates with similar physical attributes. She says, “It was not that the women who did not have such a good relationship with their father went out to avoid similar faces. It was more that those who had the best relationships were particularly drawn to men who looked like their dads.” Researchers showed the women two sets of pictures. One set featured men who looked like their fathers while the other featured men who looked nothing like their dads. Almost all of the women were attracted to the men who looked like their fathers.

Life’s Lessons

A Father’s Day survey by Not Your Father’s Root Beer reveals that 30% of people say their father taught them how to cook. Other findings:

– 25% of Millennials say their father taught them how to clean

– 30% of people say their father taught them how to manage money.

– 8% of people say their father taught them how to hide junk food from their mom

– 14% of people say their father introduced them to beer


1. How to ride a bike
2. How to drive a car
3. Repair and maintenance
4. Decision-making skills
5. Money Management
6. Change a tire
7. Leadership
8. Read a map
9. How to deal with stress/problems
10. Cooking

Mom Better Driver Than Dad

A survey by Rainbow’s End reveals that 61% of kids think their mom is a better driver than their dad. Other findings:

– 97% of kids say their mom is a more careful driver than their dad

– 60% of kids have witnessed their mother or father explode on another driver.

– 70% of kids say their parents honk when they get annoyed

Father’s Day Survey

A survey by Fatherly.com reveals that 63% of working dads envy stay-at-home dads. Other findings:

– 19% of dads feel guilty about not being present enough with their children

– 17% of fathers feel guilty for working too much

– 28% of fathers feel guilty about not making enough money to provide for their family

– 49% of fathers say they would rather receive a raise at work than spend more time with their family