MORE DAD NEWS! (leading to Fathers Day)!!!

By Fonseca on June 16, 2020

Getting ready for Fathers Day everyday I try to share some Dad news…

Help Around The House

A survey by Netmums reveals that dads spend 21 hours a week helping around the house. Other findings:

– by the time a child turns 18, their fathers is owed more than $468,000 for unpaid work. This includes chauffeuring, cooking and coaching, among other things

– 90% of dads think it is their job to be the family breadwinner

– 25% of dads are worried about having love handles and beer bellies

– 75% of women say it is more important for men to give the family love and attention than to have washboard abs

Dad Survey

TopCashBack.com recently asked 1,817 people to name their favorite dad quality.

dad jokes … 58%

dad style … 26%

dad dance moves … 10%

dad bods … 6%