Whoopi Goldberg’s Holiday Sweater Collection!

By Steve Milano on November 25, 2018

Whoopi Goldberg has partnered with Zappos for the second year to bring everyone cheerful holiday sweaters. The collection includes 16 amusing and colorful designs and comes in men, women and kids sizing. The line is designed to be all-inclusive with nods to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa as well.

“Whoopi and her holiday sweaters are fast becoming a favorite holiday tradition of our own,” says Zappos’ senior brand marketing manager Kristin Richmer. “Her sweaters represent our shared values that are so important to embrace this time of year – creating fun and a little weirdness in the spirit of inclusivity.”

Whoopi says she has a passion for the holidays and knew she wanted to have fun with the sweaters. She wants them to be accessible to everyone and hopes they will offer a lighthearted moment in a year when everything often seems so serious. The sweaters are about bringing people together rather than focusing on whats keeping them apart. Whoop says, “If you’re laughing about crazy funny, silly sweaters, what’s there to argue about?”

See the collection here:  Whoopi Goldberg’s Holiday Sweaters