I’ll Always Love My Momma

By Delores Thompson on May 9, 2020

My Mom was our Rock, she had a way of dealing with people and everyone loved her. She was loving, strong, compassionate, smart as a whip, a social butterfly, funny, classy, stylish, God-fearing, my dad’s ride, or die she was EVERY woman. My Mom was the reason I moved back to the Bay Area after 25 years, all she had to say was “I wish you where here” I quit my job back up my house and came back to Oakland which at the time I had no idea that I would only have seven years with Momma before she passed, Moving back was the best decision I ever made. While I miss my Mom I do know that she did all that God purposed for her to do on this earth and now she is with God which gives me great comfort and joy. I’ll always love my Momma she is my favorite girl.


Here to Inspire,

Dr. Delores Thompson