“This Is Us” Star Lonnie Chavis Has Already Experienced a Ton of Racism, and He’s Only 12

By Kimmie Taylor on June 18, 2020

LONNIE CHAVIS from “This Is Us” is only 12 . . . and yet the amount of racism he’s already experienced is heartbreaking.  And he chose to lay it all out in an essay for People magazine.

He talks about being “treated poorly by security or entrance checkers” at Hollywood events . . . and having people at those events ask him if he’s the kid from “Black-ish” or “Stranger Things”.

And it gets worse.  Lonnie remembers going to a restaurant in San Diego with a black friend and her cousins, where they were accused of trying to steal money from the tip cup at the register.

He also talks about the time his mother was driving him to work in a BMW and she got stopped . . . and the first thing the cop said when he got to her window was, “Whose car is this?”

Lonnie’s mom had to open the trunk to get the paperwork to prove it was their car, and he says, quote, “I watched the cop hold his hand on his gun as if my mom was a threat.”

Then there was Thanksgiving of 2018, when a cop, quote, “twisted my dad’s arm behind his back and pulled him from our doorstep with the door opened, claiming he was being detained for a traffic ticket.”

Lonnie’s mother took him and his siblings to a bedroom and told them to stay away from the windows and to not come out no matter what they heard.

Then she went back outside to help her husband, and Lonnie says, quote, “I thought my parents were for sure going to die.”

Lonnie drives the point home by saying, quote, “This is what the world looks like for me.  A 12-year-old Black boy.  This is my America.

“Policies need to change, laws need to change, the police need to change, Hollywood needs to change, hearts need to change, America needs to change.”