Ellen Perez

Weekdays | 6pm – 9pm

Growing up, I was that student that would always get “talks too much in class” on all her report cards. Yup, I was that kid! I couldn’t help it! I love meeting different walks of life and hearing hilarious stories. My mom made our home that house on the block with huge speakers and music blasting as loud as possible. If our furniture wasn’t shaking and the end of the block couldn’t hear it, then it wasn’t loud enough! So, my love for talking too much and great music on full blast goes way back!

I live for spontaneous adventures…there’s a cave? Let me go see what’s inside (don’t recommend it). Oh, you want to dance battle? Hold my horchata and put a napkin over my chilaquiles real quick! Want to go to the beach? Sure! I’ll bring a bucket so I can collect pretty rocks & seashells! There’s a Barnes & Noble there…say less! I’ll be at the notebook and pen section on the ground reading a self-help book! Oh and lastly, can’t forget…I’m a Virgo. If you know, you know. Wherever a Virgo goes you better go because it’s about to be the most unpredictable experience of your life!

I kicked off my radio journey when I stumbled upon radio when visiting Chabot College and fell in love! I enrolled that same night! That led to my internship with one of the leading stations in the Bay Area in 2014. I had the honor to be in-studio help for some of the biggest on-air legends in the Bay Area. I started as an intern, went into promotions, then eventually landed the title as a show producer at out sister station. Now I get to hang with you on the radio weekdays 6p – 9p!