J. Steele


Yooo! I finally ended up on the west coast after it’s been a dream of mine for years! When I’m not playing on the radio, I’m usually in front of my computer being a radio nerd, DJ’ing a party, or stuffing my face with seafood! I have two children who believe it or not are not biologically mine but I’ve raised them since birth and they are my world, so chances are, I’m also probably spending money on them!
If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing?  Honestly, probably something to do with computers or maybe a flight attendant. I love to travel!
Describe yourself in three words. In the most humble way possible: entertaining, talented, goofy!!
Who would you like to see in a Versuz battle?  Eminem vs. Lil Wayne (two legends that respect each other)!
What is your favorite thing about the Bay? Walking around Golden Gate Park and I think Chinatown is AWESOME! Also, I about fell out of my chair when seeing the Googleplex!