Morris Knight


Hey Morris Knight, here! Thanks for jammin’ your Saturdays (7pm – midnight) with me on 102.9 KBLX! I’ve been throwin’ down on Bay Area radio waves for over 20 years. I love every minute of it and it just keeps getting better! Music is my whole life but in addition to being on the air, I’ve done quite a bit of TV – most notably I hosted that crazy little 80s-themed show called KOFY-TV Dance Party. Nowadays I’m one of the co-hosts on a local Bay Area music program called

My never-ending passion for music continues off the air as well. I’m currently the lead singer and bass guitar player in a local rock band. In fact, over the holidays we released a cover of George Michael’s “Last Christmas.” Before that, I released a pop-rock single called “Thank You” and directed the music video for it! It’s easy to find on YouTube, so check it out when you get a sec. Yes, Prince and Lenny Kravitz are huge influences in my musical life!

I also love going to concerts! Like I said, It’s all about music for me. Even when I’m out mountain biking or hiking some of the awesome trails we have here or just cruising around the bay in my vintage 1969 VW Beetle – the music is always with me. 

Talk to you on the radio!