Sterling James Interviews Tupac’s Sister Regarding the Foundation She Now Heads In Her Brother’s Name

By 102.9 KBLX Staff on November 8, 2019

Since her brother’s, and now her mother’s passing, Tupac’s little sister Sekyiwa Shakur is at the head of The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.

Last night, in San Francisco, Sekyiwa and the family launched¬†“Peace of Mind”, the first initiative in the Healing Series for the Tupac Shakur Foundation making mental support a priority.

It was a star studded affair, with Yo Yo, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Ray Luv,¬†Kevin Powell, Chaka Zulu and more in attendance. See photo gallery below.

My friend and radio producer G-Mo stayed for the panel and had this to say about the conversation: “There was a panel discussion where they all spoke on trauma and how black men and women live with the pressure of ‘being ok/fine”, even during bad situations that hurt us more than heal us, in order to appear unfazed due to conditioning over history.”

Also, many of the students that have “graduated” from the foundation’s creative arts initiative sang, danced, recited poetry and more to show the positive impact the foundation’s work has made on their lives.

I was honored to be there to cover the event so that we can share the vision with you.

xo Sterling James

Click to learn more: http://www.tupacshakurfoundation.org/

The latest direction for the foundation is The Healing Tank Initiative Program.
Sekyiwa Shakur has launched, Peace of Mind, the first initiative in the Healing Series for the Tupac Shakur Foundation. “The question, ‘What does peace mean?’ can unlock infinite answers – and all of those answers are ways in which we must address healing as a people and as a community,” Sekyiwa Shakur.

The Tupac Shakur Foundation, under the leadership of Sekyiwa Shakur, has made Mental Health Awareness a priority. It embraces the many extensions of mental health by recognizing trauma, comprehending its origin, and initiating healthy habits through the Healing Tank Initiatives. These self-preservation step modules will serve families who live and identify within the urban culture and who may experience severe levels of trauma. Our Healing Tank initiative focuses on providing resources for these families who will benefit from therapeutic and restorative techniques needed to heal from these types of experiences.