Stone Soul 2019 Items Allowed / Not Allowed

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Items ALLOWED to be brought into the venue

  • Small purses, backpacks
  • Small (6 pack size) soft sided cooler (must fit through a 12.5 inch circle)
  • Picnic Food in clear 1 gallon size bag
  • Factory Sealed plastic bottles 1 liter or less in size (nonalcoholic ONLY)
  • Cameras are allowed, unless the Artist specifically does not allow (No professional, No detachable lenses)
  • Low profile beach chairs (legs can be no higher than 9 inches)
  • Small umbrellas or parasols
  • Ponchos, rain coats
  • Hats
  • Seat cushions
  • Small blankets 

Items NOT ALLOWED to be brought into the venue

  • No large bags  (must fit through a 12.5 inch circle)
  • No Coolers or ice chests with hard sides or wheels
  • No large picnic baskets
  • No Video or Audio recording devices (Unless specifically allowed by the Artist)
  • No Alcoholic beverages
  • No cans or glass bottles
  • No professional cameras (including ALL detachable lenses)
  • No iPads or large tablets or laptops
  • No selfie sticks
  • No Drugs and Drug paraphernalia
  • No Drones, remote control aircraft, remote control toys/cars
  • No Balloons, flags or banners
  • No Radios, TVs
  • No Animals (with the exception of service animals)
  • No Laser pointers
  • No sharp or dangerous items (such as weapons, knives, spikes on jewelry, wallet chains, fireworks, mace, etc)
  • No camping chairs (low lying beach chairs with legs no higher than 9 inches, ONLY)
  • No Tailgating (no consuming of food or beverage in the parking lot (before or after the show)
  • No Re-entry


Highly recommend carpooling or riding BART and take the FREE shuttle from Concord BART to front gate.  Service begins when the parking lots open.

BART will have modified service this weekend as buses will replace train service between Pleasant Hill and Concord stations. CLICK HERE for more info.

Drop offs and UBER drivers use Gate B, park in lot C.

  • Expect heavy traffic.  There are 3 gates to enter the Concord Pavilion, off of Kirker Pass Road.  
  • General Concert Parking enter through Gate A.
  • Premier Parking (prepaid or to be purchased) enter through Gate B
  • VIP and ADA enter through Gate C.